An opportunity to experience the thrill of a classic reproduction. This 7 litre
Grand National Hydroplane is now available    $ 59,000.
* Electric Canopy Lift  * Locking Fuel Door  * Chrome Canopy Latches.
* Double Cockpit  * Mahogany Dash and Deck Areas * Marine Upholstery & Trim
* Float-Off Tandem Trailer * Weathertight Cockpit Cover
*Aluminum Mechanical Rudder * Aluminum Skid Fin * Custom Stainless Cleaver
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            ''  Crown Royal ''   Grand National Hydroplane

$ 59,000

Your opportunity to own part of history and experience the thrill
Prior to World War II, Gold Cup and Unlimited Class racing was confined largely to the northeast quadrant of the United States. But there was a small pocket of Gold Cup Class activity in California during the 1930s and early '40s.
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Some of the big names of post-war Unlimited racing made their first impressions in the California Gold Cup Class of the '30s, most notably Dan Arena and Lou Fageol, who co-founded the 7-Litre Class in 1947.
The basic hull design of most hydroplanes has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950s: two sponsons in front, one on each side of the bow; behind the wide bow, is a narrower, mostly rectangular section housing the driver, engine, and steering equipment. The aft part of the hydroplane is supported in the water by the lower half of the propeller, which is designed to operate semi-submerged at all times. The goal is to keep as little of the hydroplane in contact with the water as possible, as water is much denser than air, and so exerts more drag on the hydro than air does. Essentially the boat 'flies' over the surface of the water rather than actually traveling through it.